About Us

JiaoGuang Group stated from Jiaojiang Optical Instrument Factory,which was founded in Aug of 1984.For the need of structural reform ,with the lead of Mr Jiemin Zhu,17 workers from the reorganized leather factory ,such as Peizhu Li,Lihong Sang,started production in the rented 70 square meters troop stable as the workshop of Jiaojiang Optical Instrument factory.

1980 is the initial period for reform for reform and opening up in china,when our national policy igorously support foreign economy.Jiaojiang General Festival Lights Joint Factory mainly engaged in producing Festival Lights,all of the products are exported to foreign countries.

In 1994,JiaoGuang applied and passed UL certificate for christmas lights.

In 1992 ,JiaoGuang applied and passed Germany GS certificate,becoming the first company to self-apply and pass GS certifiacate,opening the door to European market.

A dozen of junior college graduates and technical secondary school graduates were transferred and allocated to the company during 1993 to 1994,which altered the management quality of the factory.

On 27 November 1996,people's government of Jiaojiang District ,Taizhou City passed the transformation plan of Jiaojiang General Festival Lights Joint Factory,which transfered the orginal municipal collectively-owned enterprise into private enterprise.

After taking the first step of "decentralization of power and transfer of profits",the company tried massively to carry out shareholding reform.There were total 45 conversion personnel in Jiaojiang General Festival Lights Joint Factory on 18th January 1997,and meanwhile JiaoGuang Machinery & Electricity (Group) Co., Ltd. was established ,then Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors were founded.

Entering the new century,JiaoGuang Group,taking China's entry into WTO as an opportunity,expanded steadily towards High-Tech Industry through a series of investment and capital operation.After a series of expansion,the Group once had several wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries.The company mainly engaged in festival light,mechanical and electrical products,art and craft,plastic products,electric wire,electronic products,rare earth,metallic material,tourism leisure products and real estate development and so on.Currently,following subsidiaries is still retained through reform and reorganization:Jiaojiang General Festival Lights Joint Factory;Energy Saving Technology Services Company;Taizhou JiaoGuang Lighting Co., Ltd.  ;JiaoGuang Decorative Lighting Co., Ltd. 

Established time of each subsidiary company is :

In December 1990,Jiaojiang General Festival Lights Joint Factory

In December 1999,JiaoGuang Machine & Electricity (Mexico) Inc

In June 2001,JiaoGuang Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

In August 2001,JiaoGuang Rare Earth Material Co., Ltd.

In December 2001,JiaoGuang Electronics & Electrical Co., Ltd.

In April 2003,JiaoGuang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

In April 2003, Taizhou JiaoGuang Lighting Co., Ltd.

In March 2005,Dan Yan JiaoGuang Nanometer Material Co., Ltd.