• 1984-Aug.

    JiaoGuang Group which started from Jiaojiang optical instrument factory was founded.  For the need of structural reform ,with the lead of Mr Jiemin Zhu,17 workers from the reorganized leather factory started production in the rented 70 square meters troop stable as the workshop of Jiaojiang Optical instrument factory.

  • 1991-Mar. 4th

    JiaoGuang applied and passed US UL certificate for festival lights.

  • 1992

    JiaoGuang applied and passed Germany GS certificate,becoming the first company to self-apply and pass GS certificate,opening the door to European market.

  • 1994

    JiaoGuang became the first enterprise in China to achieve self-export rights.

  • 1996-Nov. 27th

    people's government of Jiaojiang District ,Taizhou City passed the transformation plan of Jiaojiang General Festival Lights Joint Factory,which transfered the original municipal collectively-owned enterprise into private enterprise.

Entering the new century,JiaoGuang Group,taking China's entry into WTO as an opportunity,expanded steadily towards High-Tech Industry through a series of investment and capital operation.After a series of expansion,the Group once had several wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries.

Established time of each subsidiary company is :

  • 1990-Dec.

    JiaoJiang General Festival Lights Joint Factory

  • 1999-Dec.

    JiaoGuang machine & Electricity (Mexico) Inc

  • 2001-Dec.

    JiaoGuang Electronics & Electrical Co., Ltd

  • 2003-Apr.

    JiaoGuang Lighting Co., Ltd

In 2007, Jianrong Zhu, the son of Jiemin Zhu, came back from America, and brought back an important message: America will forbid selling incandescent light and vigorously promote energy saving lamp over the next several years. The Group, through its effort, became the first enterprise to enter the American LED lighting market in Taizhou city.

The Group currently has obtained various of international and domestic approval, including UL, CE,Energy Star, DLC and CQC etc.

LED products sales had been up increasingl for three years since entering American market in 2010. Now our main productions are LED street light,flood light, T8 fluorescent tube, spot light and bulb light and so on, these products mainly export to the US, India, Italy, Canada, South America and other countries.

The company attaches great importance to the development of production. The factory is equipped with dust-free workshop, anti-static workshop and relevant production equipment and inspection equipment.

In order to speed up research and develop, the company chooses the way of combining production, learning and research, and cooperate with universities to do a research about high-power solar LED street light production. In order to break through American LED technical barrier, the company sets a special professional design office in the US, and hire American researcher and sales personnel, localizing research & development and sales, and successfully develop self-owned brand "Light The Future", becoming the first enterprise entering American LED lighting market.

The company owns more than 60 national patents regarding invention, new type and appearance and so on......

Facing the market full of opportunities and challenges, we have full confidence,with endless innovative ideas, forge ahead with determination, keep change and reform, optimize enterprise structure, improve technical content and service quality, fasten scientific, modern and diversified scale management,progress with customers and develop with employees.

Looking back on the past, we were brilliant all the way; looking forward to the future, we continue to forge ahead.